Electric motors and copper wires recycling

The recycling of components has become an increasingly central issue, as it is an effective way of reducing environmental impact and creating new economic opportunities.
In this regard, the treatment of electrical wires and motors offers a great economic potential and numerous advantages for companies who decide to pursue this path.
Recycling electrical components, indeed, allows the recovery of a high-value material: the copper.

Why should companies invest in copper treatment?

Copper is considered an easily malleable, strong and ductile metal that can be used in a variety of processes (from heat conduction to the creation of gutters, furnishing accessories and even jewellery). Thanks to these characteristics, copper is considered an extremely valuable material and in recent years its value has continued to grow, leading to an increased interest in the treatment of wires and electric motors for its extraction.

But how can electric wires and motors be properly recycled to gain new value?

FOR REC has specialised in the design and creation of waste treatment machineries for many years. Thanks to its experience and know-how gained over the years, indeed, it designs tailor-made turnkey machines ideal for the treatment of numerous materials, including: plastic, metal, rubber, WEEE, MSW, paper, aluminium and, of course, cables and electric motors.

The proper recycling of wires and electric motors

If you want to learn more about recycling of electric wires and motors, then check out the webinar "ELECTRIC CABLES AND MOTORS RECYCLING" to discover the different types of materials processed, case histories developed around the world, and to analyse the technical specifics of machinery dedicated to processing electric wires and motors.

In particular, in the video you will find in-depth information about:

  • Plants for the treatment of electric wires, for a 99%-99.5% pure output product;
  • Modular plants for the treatment of electric motors, ideal for various applications ( including mixed metals)
  • Benefits of FOR REC systems to increase plant performance by reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Would you like to learn more about recycling electrical cables and motors to obtain 99% pure copper?

Watch now the recording of the webinar "ELECTRIC CABLES AND MOTORS RECYCLING" held by Luisa Macchion and Emanuele Zilio, respectively Marketing Manager and Sales Executive at FOR REC: