Spare Parts and maintenance

A detailed management of the spare-parts components. FORREC is equipped with its own warehouse of more than 2000 sqm, constantly updated and stocked-up to grant the immediate availability of most of the spare-parts: electric, electronic, hydraulic and mechanic parts. The partnership with qualified and long-established suppliers is the base of a rapid and efficient solution to every kind of problems, everywhere, even internationally.

The FORREC spare-parts Department has been divided into 3 levels, in order to grant a prompt resolution of the maintenance process:

  1. Design phase: Forrec choses technologies which requires a reduced maintenance intervention and simple to allow the customer self-intervention
  2. Programmed maintenance: to follow the customer in its ordinary maintenance of the machine or installation
  3. More serious interventions: Forrec grants the absolute priority, the interventions are managed directly at the customer facility, with specialized technicians, carpenters, mechanics, designers and programmers.